Meeting Agendas
Meeting Minutes
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Commission Meetings

At Commission Meetings, in addition to hearing reports and discussing business, the board also takes final action on ordinances and resolutions.

Planning Sessions

During regularly scheduled Planning Session meetings, commissioners hear reports from staff and discuss District business.

Special Committee Meetings

Special Committee meetings may be held pertaining to specific District projects, plans or initiatives.


2014 Meeting Agendas


12-16-2014 Commission Agenda

12-09-2014 Planning Session Agenda

12-09-2014 Call Commission Agenda

12-02-2014 Commission Agenda

11-18-2014 Legislative Special Committee Meeting Agenda

11-18-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

11-04-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

10-28-2014 Planning Session Agenda

10-21-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

10-14-2014 Planning Session Agenda

10-07-2014 Commission Agenda

09-29-2014 Ethics Commission Agenda

09-23-2014 Special Call Commission Agenda

09-23-2014 Planning Session Agenda

09-16-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

09-09-2014 Special Call Commission Meeting

09-09-2014 Planning Session Agenda

09-02-2014 Commission Agenda

08-26-2014 Planning Session Agenda

08-26-2014 Legislative Special Committee Agenda

08-19-2014 Commission Agenda

08-12-2014 Planning Session Agenda

08-05-2014 Commission Agenda

07-30-2014 SPCL Call Planning Session Agenda

07-22-2014 Planning Session Agenda

07-15-2014 Historic Structures Ad Hoc Committee Agenda

07-15-2014 Commission Agenda(2)

07-08-2014 Planning Session Agenda

07-01-2014 Commission Agenda

06-24-2014 Planning Session Agenda

06-24-2014 Call Commission Meeting Agenda

06-17-2014 Public Hearing

06-17-2014 Historic Structures Ad Hoc Committee

06-17-2014 Commission Meeting

06-10-2014 Planning Session Agenda

06-03-2014 Commission Agenda

05-27-2014 Planning Session Agenda

05-20-2014 Commission Agenda

05-13-2014 Planning Session

05-13 2014 Planning Session Agenda

05-06-2014 Commission Agenda With Handouts

04-15-2014 Commission Agenda with Handouts

04-08-2014 Planning Session Agenda w/Handouts

04-01-2014 Legislative Special Committee Agenda

04-01-2014 Commission Agenda

04-01-2014 Call Planning Session Agenda

03-31-2014 Historic Structures Ad Hoc Committee with Handouts

03-25-2014 Planning Session Agenda

03-25-2014 Call Planning Session Agenda

03-18-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

03-11-2014 Planning Session Agenda

03-04-2014 Legislative Special Committee Agenda w/Handout

03-04-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

02-25-2014 Planning Session Agenda w/Handouts

02-24-2014 Ethics Commission Agenda

02-18-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

02-14-2014 Historic Structures Ad Hoc Committee

02-11-2014 Planning Session Agenda w/ Handouts

02-04-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

02-04-2013 Legislative Special Committee Agenda w/Handouts

01-28-2014 Special Call Commission Agenda

01-28-2014 Planning Session Agenda

01-21-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

01-14-2014 Planning Session Agenda

01-14-2014 Legislative Special Committee Agenda w/Handouts

01-13-2014 Ethics Commission Agenda

01-07-2014 Commission Agenda w/Handouts

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