Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140)

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows members of the public to access public records to promote government transparency and accountability. The principle mandate of the Act provides that upon submission of a written request, each public body shall make available to any person for inspection or copying any requested records that are subject to disclosure under the Act. Not all records are subject to disclosure. The Act provides a number of exemptions. Additional information regarding FOIA can be found at the Illinois Attorney General’s website: 

The Act does not require the District to create new records or to answer questions other than through the production of records. The Act is not intended to be used to violate individual privacy, nor for the purpose of furthering a commercial enterprise, or to disrupt the duly-undertaken work of any public body independent of the fulfillment of any of the rights of the people to access to information (5 ILCS 140/1). 

The Act provides that a request for public records within a category not be “unduly burdensome” to the public body. Under subsection 3(f), a public body need not comply with a request if compliance “would be unduly burdensome”, there “is no way to narrow the request and the burden of the public body outweighs the public interest in the information”.

The public body must generally respond to the request within five (5) working days (5 ILCS 140/3) following the date the request is received, except in the instance when the request is for commercial purposes. The five (5) day count begins the day after the receipt of the FOIA request by the District. Certain exceptions allow an additional five (5) days. Fees and costs may apply to reproducing or certifying public records. If a fee is due, you will be contacted on the cost, which must be paid prior to receiving the records.

Information at Your Fingertips

In order to provide convenient access to public information, the Forest Preserve District maintains the following records on its website so that they are available at any time:

Meeting Notices

Agendas and Minutes

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Annual Budgets

Current Bids and Proposals

Dissemination of Information

Organization Ordinance

Rules and Regulations

Another option to see if the information you are seeking is already available digitally is to search our archives. To do so, use the Search box on this page.

Filing a FOIA Request

All FOIA requests must be in writing and should contain a detailed description of the desired records. Requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act, response letters and responsive documents are themselves public records.

FOIA requests may be filed electronically by completing a Public Records Examination Request form and sending it to via email. If you prefer, written requests for information are also accepted. Once a Public Records Examination Request form has been printed and completed, please submit it to the Freedom of Information Officer. 

The foregoing information is provided as a courtesy and is not intended as legal advice. Legal questions regarding FOIA should be answered by referencing the FOIA statute or legal counsel of your choice.  

For additional information, please contact:

Jordan Countryman
Freedom of Information Act Officer, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
P.O. Box 5000
3S580 Naperville Road
Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone: (630) 933-7090 
Fax: (630) 933-7093

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What voting district do I live in?
A. Forest Preserve District voting districts are the same as DuPage County’s. Visit Voter Status Lookup on DuPage County’s website for a list of all of your representatives.

Q. Where can I find records on different properties owned by the District?
A. Visit the Preserving Open Spaces page.

Q. Are Forest Preserve District ordinances available online?
A. The District approves hundreds of ordinances and resolutions every year. Copies are included in their respective meeting agendas on the Meeting Notices page. For ordinances and resolutions not posted on the District's website, complete and submit a Public Records Examination Request form and include the title or a description of the document you require.

Q. Where can I find the names, titles, salaries and benefits of District commissioners and employees?

A. Visit Open Payroll.

Q. Where can I find budgets for the District's various offices?

A. Visit Annual Budgets on this page. 

Q. How do I obtain a copy of a Forest Preserve District of DuPage County's Police Report?
A. Complete and submit a Public Records Examination Request form. Include the date and location and specific information regarding the incident.

Q. Where can I find the results of projects that went out to bid? Where can I find a list of plan holders for specific projects?
A. Complete and submit a Public Records Examination Request form, or contact the respective District department found under "About Us" and "District Offices."

Q. How do I get minutes from open session portions of Commission meetings and Planning sessions?
A. Once approved, meeting minutes are posted under "About Us" and "Meetings and Agendas.”

Other Information

View the District’s General Use Regulation Ordinance

View the current Organization Ordinance, which outlines how the District determines its meeting schedules. 

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